In the hotel and hospitality industry, investment decisions based on gut instinct are still too prevalent. An attractive location can blind investors, however the notion that ‘location, location, location’ will automatically translate into a profitable business is a myth. A successful hotel or gastronomical business venture relies above all on facts and figures. KORA HOSPITALITY provides a detailed investment forecast on the basis of determining indicators in order to establish a forecast on the return on investment thereby providing investors with sound facts and analysis on which they can base their decisions.

The KORA Project and Development Study provides investors with an independent feasibility analysis which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a given project including: market positioning, revenue forecast, profit and cost as well as cash flow estimations. The end result is a clear-cut estimation on the return on investment.

A KORA hospitality study includes the following elements:

  • Market and feasibility study

  • Project and brand conceptualisation and development

  • Flow studies (customers, staff, logistics/stock) for project planning

  • Financial analysis

  • Analysis of various management options: Management versus Franchise versus Leasing

KORA HOSPITALITY also ensures an after-sales service as an integral part of its service. Projects are followed-up from the initiation until the implementation in order to correct work processes where necessary immediately. A client’s sustainable success is at the heart of KORA HOSPITALITY’s approach and working methodology.