Consistent innovation in the field of operations processes is a key factor to achieve a significant profit improvement.

Innovative projects and processes are a daily feat in the international Hotel and Hospitality industry. Unfortunately it is all too common that businesses are keen to implement innovative changes in the short term, in the medium term there is a strong tendency to revert to the old ways. This undermines the success, which the innovative changes sought to achieve in the first place. To avoid this, KORA HOSPITALITY applies the Six Sigma Management* approach which ensures a sustainable optimisation of work processes through a systematic control method.

KORA HOSPITALITY Operation Innovation includes numerous aspects of a hotel venture: 

  • Operational departments
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Brand development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Revenue Management with a view of maximizing room revenues
  • Human resources management
  • Technical expertise
  • Energy and Environment

Following a holistic and in-depth analysis of a property’s structures and work processes in question, creative and innovative solutions can be developed and effectively implemented with a view to drive a long-term, sustainable rise in profits.

KORA HOSPITALITY Innovation Management works with a number of established and tested Management Tools:

*Six Sigma is based on the DMAIC Method which stands for: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control. These are five steps that positively enhance a business’ operational culture. This method seeks to proactively prevent problems thus ending non-stop troubleshooting and a company’s reliance on ad hoc responses when problems or challenges arise.

Blue Ocean is a strategy, which enables a business to distance itself from competitors and actively seeks new customer bases.

Lean Management is a work process analysis tool that relies on strict guidelines to create customer values without waste.

Waste Walk is a tool that sensitises staff on the costs of waste.